How much do the tests cost?

Location: Poling, West Sussex BN18 9QA

Per Person:

First Test:   £49.95 +vat
Subsequent Test – different mask   £19.95 +vat each
Re-tests:   £9.95 +vat each

Group tests:

Up to 7 First Tests in one session:   £315.00 +vat
Up to 12 First Tests in one session:   £495.95 +vat

Location: Client Site

Price on Application – indicative costs up to 7 First Tests:   £315.00 +vat
Additional costs (potential depending on location) – accommodation and mileage

Please email for more information.


If you are attending one of our Alpha Training Confined Space Training courses – for convenience, we may be able to complete your face fit test during the duration of your course, if time allows. Remember to discuss this option at the time of booking.

Each test takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.