The HSE website provides this useful list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the use of Respiratory Protective Equipment.  

The information is split into information for Employers, and for Employees.


When should I provide RPE?

Why is RPE the last resort or last line of protection?

What should I do before deciding to use RPE?

Can I rely on the CE-mark for selecting RPE for my task?

What should I do before providing RPE to employees?

What should I do after providing RPE to employees?

Where can I get detailed information on RPE?

What is an RPE programme?

What are the requirements for Facepiece Fit testing?

What should I do to effectively maintain RPE?


Why should I wear RPE?

How do I wear a mask?

Why is Facepiece Fit important?

How do I store the mask?

For further advice on RPE equipment, please call Face Fit Testing UK on 01903 871381 or email